Brought to you by Ellen B. Braaten, PhD & Gretchen Felopulos, PhD,
authors of "Straight Talk about Psychological Testing for Kids"

This website is for parents and professionals seeking information on
child psychology and testing for children. Do you have a feeling that
something is 'not quite right' with your child? Has a teacher or other  
professional told you that you 'need to get your child tested'? Have
you undergone the testing process and need help interpreting the
results and plan for your child's future? Do you think your child might
have, or has been diagnosed with, dyslexia, ADHD, Autism,
Asperger's, learning difficulties, depression or anxiety? If any of these
questions apply to you then you've come to the right place.

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Did you know that?

Very little information is available to parents going
through the process. That's why we published our
Straight Talk about Psychological Testing for
Kids. This book takes parents and professionals
through the process from start-to-finish.

Our culture often underestimates parents' ability to
pick up on their child's development and needs.
Parent intuition is very often right. Parents need to
know where and how to get the help they need.

Meet Ellen B. Braaten, PhD and Gretchen Felopulos, PhD

Drs. Braaten and Felopulos are staff psychologists at Massachusetts
General Hospital for Children, and serve on the faculty of Harvard
Medical School. Between them they have 20 years of combined
experience in the field and five children!

Straight Talk about Psychological Testing for Kids

Available at many bookstores and online sites, in both hardback and
paperback editions.

Braaten EB, Felopulos G. (2004)  Straight Talk about Psychological
Testing for Kids.  New York:
Guilford Press.

Paperback, ISBN 1-57230-787-0, $16.95        
Hardcover, ISBN 1-57230-948-2, $35.00

Braaten EB. (In Press). The Child Clinician’s Thesaurus.  New York:
Guilford Press.

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15-20% of all children will receive some kind of
testing or evaluation (e.g. academic,
psychological, intelligence) each year.

The Who, What, Why, When, Where & How of Testing Kids


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